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Astro Micro

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Astro Micro

Astro Micro is an accessible theme for Astro. It’s a fork of Mark Horn’s popular theme Astro Nano. Like Nano, Micro comes with zero frameworks installed.

Micro adds features like Pagefind for search, Giscus for comments, and more. For a full list of changes, see this blog post.

Micro still comes with everything great about Nano β€” full type safety, a sitemap, an RSS feed, and Markdown + MDX support. Styled with TailwindCSS and preconfigured with system, light, and dark themes.

Visit Astro Micro on Github to get started.

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πŸ“‹ Features

Everything in Astro Nano plus:

  • Pagefind search
  • Giscus comments
  • Callout component
  • Table of contents component
  • Pagination component
  • 404 page

and more.

πŸ’― Lighthouse score

Astro Nano Lighthouse Score